Support For Carers

As a practice we will offer all the support we can for you and your family as carers for someone close. You will be called for an annual health check as it is so important that you look after yourself to enable you to look after the one you care for. We have a range of leaflets and information about what is available locally to Barnsley to help and support you. We can only do this if you tell us you are a carer. Please tell someone in reception then we can add this information to your medical record. This adds you to our Carer Register to enable us to invite you for health checks for yourself. If you have a carer please tell us that too.

We have a specialised Dementia Champion in the practice who regularly attends group meetings to find out more about local services for you, just ask at reception to speak to her. She has copies of the Herbert Protocol which we think is a vital tool for those caring for family members with Dementia. We have a Health and Well Being coach in practice and we can arrange for you to have a face to face appointment with him. We also have a fantastic team of Social Prescribers in Barnsley who can contact you to offer support. Just ask us.

If you are an unpaid carer for a family member or for a friend there are a number of different types of support in the Barnsley Area.


A Carer Passport is a record that identifies a carer in some way and sets out an offer of support, services or other benefits in response. A Carer Passport helps carers to be  identified, recognised and supported as part of the day-to-day life of an organisation or community.

Carers UK have been working in partnership with Carers Trust, with funding from the Department of Health and Social Care, on a project designed to help local areas introduce Carer Passports in five key settings: hospitals, employment, community, education and mental health trusts. For more information please see


This is commissioned by Barnsley Council to deliver a range of support to unpaid carers. The support includes:

  • one-to-one support
  • information and advice
  • group support
  • drop in/peer support
  • free complimentary therapies
  • events and activities
  • volunteering opportunities
  • help with obtaining Carers Funding Grant

Visit their website at: or telephone 01226 298313


South Yorkshire Support Group for carers of anyone suffering with Mental Health, Dementia, Addiction, Disability or caring for the Elderly. See their website : or call: 01226 814012


Support offered to under 18’s who care for a sibling or parent. The support includes:

  • Organising outings and activites for young carers
  • Counselling sessions offering advice and support
  • Help the family get support from Social Services
  • Talk to the young carers school so they understand their situation
  • Run Drop-in centres

telephone 01226 770619 or email at