Darton Health Centre

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Contacting the surgery about appointments etc

Please note that if you need to contact the surgery urgently about cancelling an appointment etc, you need to ring or call into the surgery.  Do no use the contact us facility for this as this is not monitored all the time and you might be waiting a few days for a reply and your appointment may not be cancelled in time.    Thank you

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Risk Profiling and Care Management

Risk Profiling and Care Management

Privacy notice

Risk profiling is a new NHS service that will help your GP spot whether you might need early treatment or care.

Your health information will be profiled in a local NHS data warehouse and the results will be seen only by your GP and health care professionals involved in your care pathway.

NHS security systems will protect the information from beginning to end.

If you have any other concerns about the use of your information, please contact Jane Jones, Practice Manager on the telephone number given above or on the contact us section of this website. Alternatively you can leave your name with the reception staff and we will contact you. We do have processes in place which mean that your medical records can be excluded from the Risk Profiling and Care Management Service.

Thank you

Dr Gerald Eko


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Patient Participation Group

Our virtual patient participation group which is administered electronically is growing and we thank all those who have recently joined the group.  New members are always welcome,  if you are interested in finding out about the group please ask for a form at reception and we will get back to you with more information.

Although we are a ‘virtual group’ this does not mean that you cannot apply to be a member if you haven’t got access to the internet. If you want to join the group and your not ‘on line’ let us know and we will send out all the information by mail. If you would like to know more about it ask to speak to Jane Jones our Practice Manager or Julie who is usually in on a Tuesday.

We are always open to new ideas and want to find ways of helping our patients be more involved with their care. We are also a community practice and we want to be involved in community events so let us know if you think we can help with anything.

Anne x

June 23rd 2017

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